アーカイブ 12月 2009

Diggy Diggy

Hi dig-mates!
It´s my first blog experience.
I found this very diggy picture in a website.
Just as a inspiration for our project.
wish you all a very happy holiday!

blog deep matt DEEPDIGDUG

about our project title

The title of the project "DEEP DIG DUG" derives from a popular arcade game released by the Japanese Company Namco in the 80ies. The objective of the game is to dig tunnels into an underground virtual landscape and eliminate monsters by inflating them or by dropping rocks on them.
We have chosen this title because digging new networks to artists worldwide is what we want to achieve with our project. Also we all grew up with this game culture which has become an important part and influence of our generation.  (now don't ask who's the monster in our game...)


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