Deep Dig Dug

Saturday, March 6, 2010 - Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pablo Alonso, Motoko Dobashi, Martin Hast, Matthias Männer, Kaori Nakajima

Opening Reception: 06/03/2010, 17-19h
Performance by DJ KIKI MOORSE ( Ex.Chicks on speed )

Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
2-4-16 Hongo,
Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo 113-0033


Joint Artists’ Talk
March 13, 2010, 16 - 18h

Open Forum
March 14, 2010, 14 - 16h
“Off Space“ - The current situation in Japanese/German alternative art scenes

Guest Panelists:
Nozomu Ogawa ( Art Center Ongoing )
Shigeru Hasegawa ( Artist, T&S Gallery )
Junya Sato ( Artist, BOICE PLANNING )
Miyuki Yamashita ( Artist, BOICE PLANNING )

About the project

DeepDigDug is an exhibition project by the artists Pablo Alonso, Motoko Dobashi, Martin Hast, Matthias Männer and Kaori Nakajima. The first part of the project will take part at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo in Tokyo in March 2010. There will be an exhibition with the five artists from Germany but also a Symposium with members of different art spaces from Germany and Japan.
Subsequent to the exhibition in Japan there will be an exhibition in Munich with artists from Japan. 
The project is supported by Tokyo Wonder Site, the Department of Arts and Culture Munich and the "Erwin und Gisela von Steiner Stiftung".

the concept

Just like miners building up a tunnel system together, artists can build networks with like-minded people through communication beyond the differences of nationalities and languages.
The five artists from Japan, Germany and Spain with their various cultural backgrounds will turn TWS into a grotto. Artificial cave as metaphor. A fictitious meeting point for artists and visitors.

The title of the exhibition combines "DIGDUG", (The name of an 8 bit strategy computer game from the mid 80's in which one digs caves in virtual landscapes), with the English word "deep". This refers to the action of „digging forward“ as the central theme. It also reminds one of the influences of mass media and comic culture on the work of these five artists despite their varying approaches to creating art. An expansive wall painting from Motoko Dobashi combined with paintings by Kaori Nakajima and digital works by Pablo Alonso, together with photographs by Martin Hast, contrast the buzzing sound emanating from sculpture by Matthias Männer giving the impression of an underground world. 

DDD exhibition view
Motoko Dobashi
DDD exhibition view 2
Martin Hast
Kaori Nakajima
Pablo Alonso (pigment print)
Pablo Alonso
Kaori Nakajima (oil on canvas)
Kaori Nakajima & Matthias Männer


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